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The project was first started in September of 2017 under a very different name, Rotation. The idea for the project came from pong games where the ball bounces back and forth across the screen. Since I try to make games that stand out, I had to come up with a way to make it unique. So I thought about using that mechanic to keep the ball from leaving a certain area. Color wise, I tend to like using variations of greys, and this is what the first “wheel” designed looked like.

I made movement for it, rotating the wheel right or left by pressing the arrow keys. I also allowed the ball to move, giving me a basic version of what I wanted the project to be. However, the movement was jerky, not smooth at all, and I couldn't find an angle I liked for the ball to bounce off at, so I forgot about the game for a while.

A couple months later, after playing a game, the idea came back into my head. I knew I could make it work this time, and I came up with a big change. Instead of using one big wheel, I made two smaller paddles in separate sprites. This looked better to me and made the movement a lot smoother. The other thing I changed was the angle on the ball. I made it turn at a random angle between 160 and 200 degrees, making it more similar to traditional pong games. The new style looked like this:

The difference between movement from original to new:

Now that I had the frame in place, I started working on the background for it. I decided to make a cliff over the ocean with the idea of the ball falling off if you couldn't keep it in. It was a bit bland, so I added rocks, bushes and a tree. I thought about adding clouds, but decided against it. Then I went to work on the menu. At this point I still hadn't decided the name of the game, though I knew I didn't want to call it Rotation. After putting the background of the menu together and setting the game up so it could be played from it, I settled on the name KeepIn. From there I made buttons that appeared on a bar that could be shown and hidden. Stages, Play, and Score were the options. Stages is not currently ready at this time. Play launches the game, and score shows the global highscore. The only one that worked right away was play. Now all I needed to do to finish was add a scoring system to the game, and add music. I started with the score, using a new method of displaying it. I've used ways other than showing the variable before, but I always used multiple sprites. This time with the scores, I used clones. After I had put in the cloud, I could make the button on the menu work.

It took me a while to come up with music for this. I couldn't really come up with anything for a while, but I eventually settled on “Run Jump Throw 2” from Super Mario Odyssey because it sounds fun.

At this point I considered the project nearly complete, it ran fine and I had added a game over screen. I knew I wanted to add stages, but I wanted to wait to hear what other users had to suggest. While testing this project before I shared it though, I noticed that the highscore and score where never the same if you got the highscore. At first I thought maybe it was an issue with the highscore, but I could find nothing wrong. I told myself I'd fix it later and I shared the project. When I did go back in to look again, I discovered that the score was always 0, 11, or 22. This was because the clone was always set to appear as the first number of the score. I had found this in the highscore and fixed it when I was originally working on it, but I forgot to change it for the score, which the highscore was built off of.

Since fixing that, the only work I've done on the project has been making new stages. Currently there are two, but only one can be accessed. I added in sprites to be ready for when stage options will be implemented. As of right now, I'm awaiting suggestions.

This experience was shared by Wahsp.


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